Join artists Sarah Wallace Scott and Eileen Roscina Richardson at Buffalo Peaks Ranch on Saturday August 31st, for a day of immersive learning about the local land in an intimate and sensory way.


Inspired by Australian Aboriginal songlines, or dream tracks, we will explore Buffalo Peaks Ranch by foot, listening to the languages of the other animals, noticing the rhythm of the topography, and the various traits of the landscape.

FullSizeRender - 2019-08-12T105651.059

Can we become attuned to the shifting sounds and gestures surrounding us, and inform our own lives through the life of the land?


Through careful observations and further research utilizing the printed resources of the Rocky Mountain Land Library, we will create stories, songs, poetry and dance that describe and celebrate the land, landmarks, animals, insects, plant life, and other natural phenomena of the area.

Headdresses by Sarah Wallace Scott, for an earlier iteration of Songlines at Buffalo Peaks Ranch.

Our day will conclude with a performance of our creations under the wide skies of Buffalo Peaks Ranch.

eileen and sarah

The Songlines workshop fee is $50, plus a $4.67 ticketing fee. More details and directions will follow. Feel free to send any questions to jeff@landlibrary.org.




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