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Buffalo Peaks Ranch, the headwaters home of the Rocky Mountain Land Library. photo by Val Burnside, 2020.
We have some very good news to share! As most of you know, the Rocky Mountain Land Library has been an all-volunteer team since our very first days. But, we’ve always felt if we had a full-time staff, we could do so much more!
Well, that day has come! Thanks to the generosity and vision of a Land Library friend and donor we have received a grant to support the salaries of two full-time staff members for what promises to be the Land Library’s BIG year ahead.
 Jeff Lee will serve as the Land Library’s Executive Director, and Ann Marie Martin will be our Assistant Director. Ann and Jeff are the co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Land Library, and both are so excited to have the gift of time to help move the RMLL forward!
Assuming their staff positions also means that Ann and Jeff have left the RMLL’s Board of Directors. The Board will now be led by:
Ben Sherrill & Mark Wren – Co-Chairmen
Eileen Roscina Richardson – Secretary
Dan Mitchell – Treasurer
We are so happy to share this news!
We find our place in the world through land and stories, and the Rocky Mountain Land Library unites our passion for both.” — Mark Fiege, author and historian.
The Rocky Mountain Land Library’s mission is to help connect people to nature and the land. The need for places of quiet thought, creative pursuits, and active community involvement will only grow in the years ahead. The residential library we are establishing will give everyone access not only to the books, but also to the surrounding lands — a learning landscape for generations to come.
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Along the South Platte River at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, Summer 2020. photo by Val Burnside.

One thought on “Land Library’s Big Year Ahead

  1. Congratulations!! Very exciting.


    THANKS so much Beth – it’s a marvel to be working full time on the Land Library! Ann and I hope you & yours are happy & well. And the Salazar Center too!

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