Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s Year End Campaign. Our campaign goal is two fold; sharing more about our 2021 plans and programs, plus asking for your support as we continue to create a network of place-based libraries along Colorado’s South Platte River.

Please consider making a contribution today!

Our early plans for Buffalo Peaks Ranch called for establishing a hearth feel for a ranch that has been dark and abandoned for the past twenty five years. That general notion led us to a strong food and land focus for the Cooks House.
So, thanks to over 1,000 Kickstarter supporters, and countless volunteers, we will complete renovation on the Cooks House next summer. That accomplishment will give us:

  • Two new lodgings, a classroom space, a terrific kitchen, and a new library for the ranch.
  • The Cooks House Library will be devoted to Food and Land – from seed and soil, to food traditions across the globe. Our books are ready to be shelved!
  • Our new kitchen will also host cooking classes and demonstrations.
  • The completion of the Cooks House will provide an indoor space for classes and workshops, always a helpful option if South Park’s weather takes a turn.
  • And lastly, next summer we’ll be able to launch the ranch’s first Residency Program, giving writers, artists, and other creatives the time and space to pursue their passion. The Cooks House will supply creature comforts and great books, while the ranch’s landscape will provide quiet and inspiration.

Stay tuned for more, and please consider being part of this one-of-a-kind project focused on books, land, and lifelong learning. Donation information is below.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about for the rest of the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s Year End Campaign!

DECEMBER 13-19, The ranch’s new Young Readers Library: We’ll explore the shelves of the ranch’s new library, and describe some of the kids programming that’s being planned for Buffalo Peaks Ranch. 

DECEMBER 20-26, Nature In The City: We have lots to share about what’s being planned in Globeville, our Denver branch located on the banks of the South Platte River. The Rocky Mountain Land Library is so excited to have an inner-city location. We’ll talk more about this incredible opportunity to help tell the story of nature and the land from an urban and rural perspective — along the same river no less!

Make a contribution today

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