Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s Year End Campaign. Our campaign goal is two fold; sharing more about our 2021 plans and programs, plus asking for your support as we continue to create a network of place-based libraries along Colorado’s South Platte River.

Please consider making a contribution today!

As our 2020 Year End Campaign draws to a close we wanted to share some of the excitement we feel about the Land Library’s urban home in Denver’s inner city. Our new library gives us so much untapped potential to celebrate nature in the city!

Here’s Three Reasons Why We Love Globeville:

  • Globeville is a working class neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage. It’s also a perfect place to tell the story of people and the land from both a rural and urban perspective. We’ll always need both voices as we care for the land.
  • Globeville has a trio of wonderful city parks, plus the South Platte Trail to connect everyone to the river. We’re already using these great natural resources as sites for nature in the city classes, and we’ll be hosting many more when the pandemic eases.
  • The Same River Twice: With our new urban home on the prairie, we are able to celebrate the South Platte River in a headwaters to plains manner. Both Land Library sites lie on the banks of the South Platte, from South Park’s Buffalo Peaks Ranch to our new Globeville location. We love the synergy that’s possible between both river sites!

There’s still time to help support the Rocky Mountain Land Library’s Headwaters to Plains Network!

Please make a contribution today

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