Starting today, May 17th, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a $5,000 limit. For more on our Spring Campaign, and how to donate, please read on!

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After a covid-slowed year, this summer will be an emergent one at Buffalo Peaks Ranch. We’ll resume programming, and take ranch renovation to new heights. Among other goals we will complete the Cooks House renovation (funded by over 1,000 Kickstarter donors), and thanks to our volunteers, we will resume work on a Community Event Space at the ranch’s old Lambing Barn. Your support for our Spring Fundraising Campaign will help make this our best Ranch season yet!

Your support will also help fuel our ongoing efforts to establish a Headwaters to Plains network of library/learning centers on the banks of the South Platte River, stretching from the headwaters at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, to Denver’s Globeville neighborhood. Each library, spanning the urban/rural divide, will encourage discovery, quiet thought, creative pursuits, and active community involvement. We hope to re-open the Globeville Land Library branch with full safety measures in place. We’ll be posting soon about a return to classes and books clubs at Globeville, along with volunteer work days, where we all have the chance to dive into over a 1,000 boxes of Land Library books!

Our 2021 Spring campaign offers something new this year! You’ll have two easy ways of donating:

— 1) Click on the DONATE button and make a direct donation to the Rocky Mountain Land Library, or

— 2) Donate, and look great doing it, by ordering a few T-shirts for you and yours! A sizable portion of the proceeds will support our Spring Campaign, and by your fashion choice, you’ll also help us get the word out about the resources and programs of the RMLL.

Our two week Spring Campaign (May 10th-23rd) hopes to raise $10,000, to help make the Land Library’s summer a transformative one, at both ends of the South Platte. Stay tuned over the next two weeks for updates, highlights, and plans for the season ahead!

How to order your T-Shirts from Bonfire:

Remember when ordering a T-shirt, you can pick your favorite style, and choose from an array of color choices. As you check out, there is also an option to add an additional donation to help support the Land Library. To order T-shirts, here are the Bonfire links:

Fencepost design in Black

Fencepost design in White

Headwaters to Plains design

Please make a contribution today

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