This is what the ranch is for!

We often say that whenever we see people sharing the excitement and tranquility of being at Buffalo Peaks Ranch, whether they are taking a class, pitching in at a volunteer workday, or are part of a wonderful gathering such as the one we had this past weekend….

The Land Library hosted Colorado School of Mines’ first annual Environmental Leadership Lab. Over 50 students and CSM faculty took part in two days of workshops and field classes. They explored the ranch and river, and experienced South Park’s dramatic skies. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

The ranch is a wonderful place to wander, providing a subtle feeling of freedom and expanded possibilities. Such a great place for young students to delve deeper into their love for the natural world. photo by Emily Berry

And delve deep they did! There were clusters of students spread across the ranch for the entire weekend. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

Often you would see just two students intent on exploring their interests and passions together. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

The ranch’s landscape and big skies served as inspiration and prompts for learning more. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

An early morning climb of the ranch’s Reinecker Ridge gave the CSM students a brilliantly clear view of South Park and the mountain ranges beyond. photo by Mohammed Alnabbat

For students spending all day outside, there was a special joy in gathering at the newly restored Lambing Barn for warm and nourishing meals made from scratch! photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

Then there was the evening ritual of cattle drawing near to the ranch’s buildings, checking out the curious influx of CSM’s herd of energetic and curious students. photo by Emily Berry

Hiking the inland sea: off to explore the geology and ancient landscapes of a ranch with a lot of secrets to share. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

Sometimes you just have to run! photo by Jade Glaister

We can’t wait for the Colorado School of Mines students’ tents to be pitched once more at Buffalo Peaks Ranch! photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

We have a feeling that the conversations started this past weekend will continue on…. photo by Shannon Davies Mancus

The river and ranch await! photo by Inga Almgren

photo by Jade Glaister

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