This past September, the ranch’s International Harvester livestock truck woke up from more than 30 years of “lying in state.” The truck became the focus of Wyatt Rubey’s Eagle Scout project, as she asked, how can we convert an old ranch truck into a sheltered space for Land Library campers?

The Rocky Mountain Land Library’s mission is to help connect people to nature and the land. The residential library at Buffalo Peaks Ranch in South Park will give everyone access not only to the books, but also to the surrounding lands — a learning landscape for generations to come. The Eagle Scout project that Wyatt Rubey created will help us accomplish our mission by creating a unique ranch space for camping and gathering. Wyatt built a budget, sought donations and in-kind support, gathered a team of helpers, and organized the work parties to get the project done.

So in the end, how did the Rocky Mountain Land Library benefit? The ways are countless, but thanks to Wyatt’s hard work, this historic Colorado ranch has a new community gathering space. An old ranch truck has been converted into a lodging space full of sleeping-cots for ranch visitors and star-gazers. Surrounding the transformed truck are the picnic tables that Wyatt’s team repaired and restained. Truly, a new place at the ranch for people of all ages and from all locales to come together and enjoy the South Park landscape!

We have hundreds of people visiting the ranch each year — some to hike, some to fish, others to explore the ranch’s natural and cultural heritage. Artists, writers, photographers, and students of all ages flock to the quiet and beauty of Buffalo Peaks Ranch. Wyatt’s brilliant “ranch truck campsite” provides the Rocky Mountain Land Library with a much needed gathering & lodging place for those visitors.

Wyatt and her Denver BSA Troop 199 team had a rotting truck bed to deal with, a tarp to add to the metal roof beams, and a new set of stairs to add to the rear of the truck. Her team did it all, as these slides will show:

The old truck hadn’t budged from this spot for over 30 years, Wyatt’s team towed it a few feet to give campers a morning view of Mt Silverheels.
The rotting floor and side walls needed replacing.
Here’s Wyatt pitching old boards.
And here’s the new Truck bed! Wyatt raised all the funds for her project, including six cots that campers will use next spring!
Even the cab was completely cleaned, from top to bottom.
And part of Wyatt’s plan was to refurbish nine picnic tables that will be used to create a communal space around the “camping truck.”
Here’s the new stairs, as Wyatt and her Eagle Scout advisor Kevin take a second to enjoy what they all accomplished. What a team!
The ranch’s first Eagle Scout, Samuel Bell joined Wyatt for the last weekend of truck work. It was great to have Sam back!
So much hard work and thoughtful planning went into this transformation. Wyatt Rubey’s project has added so much to Buffalo Peaks Ranch! Thanks to Wyatt’s new campsite, starting this spring, hundreds of visitors will be able to spend the night and enjoy the stars.
And here’s the view of Mt. Silverheels that Truck campers will be waking up to. Thank you Wyatt!

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