We were thrilled to have archaeologist Tom Lincoln give a brief review of Colorado and South Park Prehistory, highlighting some of the more interesting data and interpretations from several archaeological sites in the vicinity of Buffalo Peaks Ranch. Over 50 people gathered in the relaxed confines of the ranch’s old Lambing Barn to hear Tom’s talk. 12,000 years is a very long time to contemplate, but Tom left us all with a fresh new appreciation of deep time, and a landscape we thought we knew so well.

Tom Lincoln has been working in South Park since 2000 as a co-founder of the South Park Archaeology Project. He joined up with the South Park Site Stewards in 2018. Tom worked for the Department of the Interior for many years and retired as Assistant Regional Director, Cultural Resources for the National Park Service Intermountain Region. A graduate of Grand Valley State University and the University of Montana, his research interests include high altitude sites, the American SW, and Great Plains archaeology. Tom served on the Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission and some of his most rewarding memories during 47 years as a professional archaeologist have been Native American tribal consultations. Tom is a published poet and owns PHA Research an archaeological consulting firm.

Our thanks goes to The Summit Foundation and to Park County’s Land & Water Trust Fund for their support!

The South Park Site Stewards joined us for the talk. SPSS have been involved in archaeological field study and monitoring across South Park for many years. If you would like to learn more about this dedicated organization, please click here.

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