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“I was given a copy of Wild Animals I Have Known when I was eight. I still have it. It was the most precious book of my childhood. I knew very well that the man who wrote it understood the animals he was writing about with an intimacy, perception, and sympathy that was not equaled by any other author that I had read. And I had already read a lot. It made a great difference to me that he was not only a naturalist and a writer of great power, but also an artist. That could not be said of any of the other authors whose books were on my shelf. These were the portraits of the actual animals described in the text — Raggylug, Lobo, and Wully. They were not pictures dreamed up by someone who had never met them. The footprints that ran up the margins — especially the footprints — were almost the real thing, drawn by an expert tracker who knew his way around the prairies. I yearned to go with him so that I could learn something of what he knew.” — Sir David Attenborough, from his foreword to Ernest Thompson Seton: The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist by David L. Witt

Thanks to Sir David Attenborough for “introducing” this Saturday’s Rocky Mountain Land Series program! Please join us for this free event, as author David L. Witt discusses his new biography of Ernest Thompson Seton — a beautifully produced book, full of insights into Seton’s remarkable career, with page after page of his artwork and illustrations. More on David L. Witt’s new book in a later post!

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Rocky Mountain Land Series presents David L. Witt, author of Ernest Thompson Seton: The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist

WHEN: Saturday, June 26th, 2pm

WHERE: at the Tattered Cover’s LoDo Store (16th & Wynkoop in lower downtown Denver)

2 thoughts on “Sir David on Ernest Thompson Seton

  1. Dang! Of course it’s ArtWalk this weekend in Salida, so we won’t be there. Apparently there’s a big Seton-Thompson (Thompson-Seton) exhibit on in New Mexico right now… I need to see how much longer it’s running. I have a 1901 (second impression) copy of “Lives of the Hunted” and a 1916 copy of “Wild Animals I Have Known” among my prized possessions. 🙂

    1. Yes Sherrie! Actually, David L. Witt’s book also serves as the exhibition catalog for the Ernest Thompson Seton exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe. I runs into 2011 I believe. (Aren’t those old editions of the ET-S books wonderful?!)

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