We’re Excited About This Summer, Thanks to You All!


Just a short week ago, little did we know that a New York Times article on the Rocky Mountain Land Library would become one of the most shared Times’ articles of the week. The wave that came our way was mighty, as we received over 800 messages of support from across the country!

We have spent the last week getting back in touch with everyone, thanking them for their support, enthusiasm, and donations. We’ll spend the next many weeks incorporating the great ideas and practical advice we’ve received.

We’re also inspired by the knowledge that there are so many people, far and wide, who care deeply about the places where they live, and the power of books to connect people and the land.

So what’s next? Well, thanks to the funds raised in the last few days we are now able to fully funded HistoriCorps (A Workforce Saving Places) to complete the re-roofing of ALL the core buildings at Buffalo Peaks Ranch — a necessary step before people (and books!) arrive at this historic South Park ranch.


There are a few more volunteer spaces for HistoriCorps July re-roofing, read more here!

With leaking roofs off our list, the Land Library will be hosting a very full summer of ranch tours, star parties (taking advantage of South Park’s dark skies!), along with programs, workshops, and field trips led by the likes of former State Geologist Vince Matthews, and artist Sherrie York! We’re finalizing our summer schedule right now, so stay tuned!

Thanks to you all for taking the time to reach out over this past week. Our highest hope is to keep in touch with all of you. There’s lots of hard work and exciting times are ahead. Please join us!


And of course we are incredibly grateful to The New York Times for coming to Buffalo Peaks Ranch, Julie Turkewitz for her wonderful article, and Michael Ciaglo for taking photographs (two of which are gathered here) that made people from across the country yearn for the Rockies!


6 thoughts on “We’re Excited About This Summer, Thanks to You All!

  1. Just read about this great endeavor on the “Generally Speaking” from W&L! What a wonderful idea, and it’s always interesting to see what another geology grad is doing. I saw on this post that you mentioned hosting star parties. As a planetary geologist, I wanted to make you aware of an international “party” that takes place every September that you might be interested in- International Observe the Moon Night. This year, it will be held on September 19. See the link for more information: http://observethemoonnight.org/

    • Thanks Amy — and it’s great to be in touch with you. Wow — we love the Int Observe the Moon Night — we’ll learn more, but it’s already on our calendar!

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